HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO HJ WHO IS ONE OF MANY LIGHTS OF MY LIFE, thank you for sticking around and for being a fantastic friend and here’s to another year of giving you a hard time for having shame ^q^ whoops!

Fixed up ywpd_69min prompt—yellow poppies, pink roses, and zinnias for success, trust, and loyalty in hanakotoba.

OLDER TOUDOU AND MAKICHAN! I’ve been scribbling up a storm in sketchbooks, but I haven’t posted here in so long, sorry!!

HELLO TUMBLR!! Just a 1 AM reminder that I will be at table C41 this Anime Expo alongside motolokiev and hjhikari, and our lovely/surly table helper shiningdraw!! Please come visit us! We’d love to yell about pedal and find some kindred ZEXAL fans :3ccc


HELLO! hj, bao and I will be selling prints and charms at AX at Table C41!! We’ll be cosplaying Zexal and Pedal nyahaha come find us and say hi!

Map provided by sayonararolling!

CH-CH-CHECK US OUT!! I promise I’ll look more lively and excited to see you than depicted above—

Sticker sheet for AX, shout-out to my homegirl Wing for the idea!

I thought I was done making prints but then I watched all of Oofuri in 3 days and

2 for T2!


Selca selca!! Gonna be a bookmark at AX >:3